Hey, I’m Jessie!


The core of personal training resides in the gym: the physical, iron-pumping, ‘learn-to-move your body’ hour you spend 2-3 times a week with someone (me) bossing you around and telling you what to do. (I’ve always been “bossy”, I do love that part). But I believe there is much more to it than that. Because in order for the workouts to have their best affect, there are certain habits that need to shape up outside of the gym to support our body’s innate desire to move. As a trainer, I feel it is my job (and my joy) to guide you through not just the iron-pumping, but also the shaping of the daily routines and help you find the lifestyle that you desire.

My story used to be all about how I discovered the power of strength training to make me a better soccer player. One who was strong enough to hold my own without getting pushed off the ball and knocked all over the field. Now, however, my perspective has changed. I have been noticing how life changes completely disrupt daily routines and how it can be tricky to get them back online. For example, I just recently decided to take a full, indefinite break from soccer, and I moved to a new city. Throw in living with roommates again for the first time in over four years and it adds up to A LOT of change all at once. For the first few weeks I felt like I was wandering a bit aimlessly and struggling to find any sense of routine. I wasn’t exercising regularly, wasn’t eating well consistently and wasn’t sleeping very soundly.

Some of that just seems to be the way of a big move, but once I got back into a habit of exercising on a regular basis, I felt more like myself in no time. Exercise has always been my catalyst to get myself back in order. When I’m reminded that my body likes to move, that it feels GOOD to move - everything falls into place, little by little. It transforms me from being a cranky hermit into a fun-loving human again.

There are countless of benefits from exercise, we know this. But all scientific details aside, I find that when we feel good in our bodies, everything goes better.


I’ve always hated exercising, until I started training with Jessie. Now, I’m motivated and actually find myself laughing while I work out. She makes pushing yourself to the limit fun, and it’s been exciting to feel myself get stronger and build my fitness, stamina, and self-worth. She makes it like you’re working out with an encouraging friend while feeling like you’re being trained by a boot camp specialist. Finally, she really listens to what you need – in general or on an individual day – and works with you to tailor each individual workout.
— Lori W.

The Details...

I have graduated from UCSB with a BS in Biopsychology and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist via NSCA. While in college I worked as an intern with both strength and conditioning and athletic training for the club sports programs. I went back after college to work with the club soccer team and the lacrosse teams. I also trained the Santa Barbara Rugby Academy for several years and worked in many other places around Santa Barbara doing group fitness and private training. 

I am currently training private clients at The Base and starting to collaborate with Dr. Steve Politis at Kineci Health & Movement Center. Stay tuned…it’s going to be great!