“Workouts with Jessie are super awesome. She is a pro – she is tough and she pushes you to get the most out of your session – but she keeps it fun and engaging. We often incorporate game play and other activities that don’t feel like a ‘workout’ but that leave no doubt that you pushed yourself. In my ‘rotation’ of trainers, I always look forward to my days with Jessie, because she maintains an excellent balance between fun and fitness.”

- Doug McFarling

"Working with Jessie has changed not only my thinking around working out, she has changed my life.  With her guidance, I have shifted how I view working out, as well as, how I view making changes. 

Jessie became my “accountability buddy.”  She pushed me without me really knowing it, because I didn’t want to let her down.  Having that little bit of structure, worked wonders.  With her help, I worked through the mindset I had around working out.  My thought patterns changed:  "this is too hard," became, "I’ll give it try." 

One of the nuggets I will keep with me from all this is that working out, like most things in life is a practice.  There is no end point, there is not moment when you get to say, ‘Okay, I’m fit. All done. I can stop now.’  It is a continuous practice that will fluctuate throughout our lives, almost daily.  Be consistent.  Accept  the fluctuations.  It will take time.  It will change." 

-Oriana Grubisic

"I have been working out with Jessie for about 3 years.   I would highly recommend her as a trainer.   She clearly knows her stuff and she makes it easy for me to motivate myself to workout."

- Jay Caplan 

“I don’t like people yelling at me, especially during a workout.  That’s what I love about Jessie, she is very motivating and pushes you in a calm, matter-of-fact manner.  She is very helpful with defining your goals and keeping you accountable so you see results.  Her workouts are constantly changing, keeping them interesting, challenging and escalating in difficulty and intensity.  Her knowledge and skills as an athlete and trainer are insurmountable!  I never thought I would ever say that I love going to workouts, but I do now with Jessie!”   

- Dawn Battles

"I have been training with Jessie for well over a year now. She is a great motivator and encourages me not only in the gym, but also with diet, nutrition and my general well being. Recently, I had foot surgery and Jessie helped me with exercises tailored to my injury before and after the surgery. Her knowledge of the body is immense and she got me through a hard physical time in my life with her patience and determination. Jessie is a tough coach with a very sweet personality and positive energy that I never tire of. I find myself pushing harder and getting better results every time I work out with her. I highly recommend training with her!"

-Heather Copp

"I’ve always hated exercising, until I started training with Jessie. Now, I’m motivated and actually find myself laughing while I work out. She makes pushing yourself to the limit fun, and it’s been exciting to feel myself get stronger and build my fitness, stamina, and self-worth. She makes it like you’re working out with an encouraging friend while feeling like you’re being trained by a boot camp specialist. Finally, she really listens to what you need – in general or on an individual day – and works with you to tailor each individual workout."

- Lori Weathers

"Working out with Jessie this past year has made my body incredibly stronger and my posture so much better! The workouts are fun and I am able to keep from getting stuck in the same routine."

- Stacy Nomura