Chronic Pain Can Suck It

Chronic pain is a bitch.

When I realized that this spring is my 10-year anniversary of having chronic headaches I started getting all emotional and weird. I was thinking about how tough it has been and how much of a bummer it has been, but how it had shaped me as a person and yada yada yada…

Then I mentioned it to my chiropractor, the human most responsible for helping me to NOT have pain everyday. As soon as I brought it up he nicely, but clearly, called me an idiot. He asked why I was focusing on the anniversary of the beginning of pain instead of the small anniversaries of being pain free. He said he only wants to hear, “it’s been 3 weeks since my last headache!” or “It’s been 4 years since my last concussion.” DUHHHHHH!

I was shocked by how obvious it seemed. Of course I was getting all emotional and weird. I was focusing on the part that sucked instead of the amazing wonderful feeling of being without a constant headache.

So chronic pain can suck it. This spring I am celebrating that I can go for a couple weeks before I feel the tell-tale tension in my neck and that I have the tools to dissipate the tension and to keep my body and head healthy and happy. Woohoo!

Thanks, Doc. You really do know all the things.