Top 25 Before I Turn 25

In honor of my quickly approaching 25th birthday, I compiled a list of 25 of my favorite things that I have done (there are many more, but these are some of the highlights). They are in no particular order and the numbers don't matter... 

1. Explore Roatan, Honduras with these two scuba goobs

2. Get dreads

3. Get rid of dreads (thank goodness I did) 

4. Make the Pateadores (a soccer team in the southern California division of the women's semi-pro league)

5. Live in Australia 

6. Be friends for all 25 years!  

7. Build my own website 


8. Live alone (aka watch a lot of friends)

9. Participate in a session of Navy Seal training 

10. Be co-president of nonsense clubs with my brother 


11. Trot in several 5k and 10k Thanksgiving races with Grandpop

12. Write this love poem (from hs

13. Have the pleasure to know my great grandparents 

14. Enjoy the adventure of exploring, living, and teaching a healthy lifestyle 


15. Live at the beach in Santa Barbara surrounded by wonderful people and a tight-knit community 

16. Be part of this Super Goober family 

17. Paint a  Sublime table

18. Graduate college 


19. Learn to play beach volleyball

20. Build sand couches in at least 4 cities on 3 different continents  

21. Do silly art projects with my Mamacita 

22. See glaciers in two places : New Zealand and Alaska 

23. Surf 

24. Go on endless adventures with my rockstar Grandmom 

25. Play guitar and sing in a band