TRX Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! It's time to work off the long weekend and get your week moving with some suspension training...

**Disclaimers: Not all of these exercises are geared towards beginners. If this is your first TRX workout, start slowly. If you have any injuries, please consult a physician before completing this workout

Before beginning any workout, ALWAYS warm up.

Here is my go-to warm up:


            High knees

            Butt Kickers

            Side Shuffle

World’s greatest stretch (or lunge & Twist…avoid if you have any back issues)

            10 Side Lunges

            10 Squats

            10 Arm circles forward & back ward

            10 Push Ups

By the end of a good warm up, you should break a little sweat. Once you are warmed up, go through the following 8 exercises on a TRX for a royal butt-kicking.

If it is your first time doing this workout do each exercise for 30 seconds. See if you can do 45 seconds the next time! Repeat the whole sequence 2-3 times.

1.     Push up to Pike

Start with feet in straps in the plank position. Do 1 push up; return to plank, and then lift your hips straight up into a pike. Return to plank position and repeat.

2.     Mountain climbers

Start with feet in straps in the plank position. Bring your left knee towards your left elbow, return to plank. Bring your right knee towards your right elbow and return to plank. Repeat.

3.     Roll ups

Start with feet in straps laying flat on your back. Press your fingertips together and slowly roll up until you are seated. Slowly roll down and repeat.

4.     Single leg squats

Hold one TRX strap in each hand. Balance on one leg, hinge at the hips and squat down until your thigh is at least parallel to the ground. Return to standing and repeat. After 15 seconds, switch legs.

5.     Skater Hops

Hold one TRX strap in each hand. Start on one leg, hop to the side and land on the opposite leg. Repeat.

6.     Single leg inverted row

Hold one TRX strap in each hand. Stand on one leg. Lean back until your arms are straight. Pull back in, keeping your hands at the level of your rib cage.

7.     Open & Reach

Hold both TRX straps in your right hand. Feet face forward. Lean back with the left arm extended (arms will make a “T”), row and pull in with the right hand and reach as high as you can with the left arm. After 15 seconds, switch sides.

8.     Side Plank

Start with both feet in straps. Turn to the side, with one foot in front of the other and lift your hips. Balance on either your elbow or hand. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch sides.

Stretch when you're done... and enjoy!!

Photos taken by Luke Barrett. (Thanks, Luke!!)