Culinary Genius

I’m starting to think I’m a culinary genius.

Twice in the past week I have made new recipes that have turned out to be rather delicious. Considering that I have not really invented the recipes, I suppose I’m not really a genius, but they are so simple and yummy that I sure feel cool!

The first recipe was a sort of protein pancake. (You may have seen this gorgeous photo on Instagram). The recipe calls for 2 eggs and a banana, blended and then cooked like a regular pancake. I added Vanilla, cinnamon and flax meal. Word on the street is that it also tastes quite good with a scoop of protein powder if you need even more protein in your life. Like I said, cook as a regular pancake and serve with syrup if you have an incurable sweet tooth like myself, or enjoy ala carte if you are into plain boring pancakes. The texture is obviously a bit different, but it is satisfying nonetheless!

Now, here’s where the genius comes in….

I had a craving for dessert the other night, so I made one of these babies with a few chocolate chips. Voila, genius! Delicious, yet not entirely off the dessert deep-end.

The second recipe was inspired by Melissa Costello’s chia seed puddings, to which I added my own tropical twist.

½ papaya

1 mango

1 can coconut milk

1 cup ish of raw cashews (supposed to soak for an hour)

¼ cup ish (I’m not much into measuring) chia seeds

Blend everything except the chia seeds in a blender then pour into a bowl. Add the chia seeds a stir. Let cool in fridge for 20 minutes and again, a genius! Tropical coconutty awesomeness, and it’s not bad for you!

                                                                     Tropical Goodness

If tropical isn’t your thing, scope out Melissa’s Karma Chow website for a black forest cherry chia pudding. While you’re there, also take a look at her Coconut Basil sauce..if that doesn’t make you want to eat vegetables, then I don’t know what will.