Decreasing Inflammation


I was at the beach yesterday chatting with a friend who is an organic farmer. We got to talking about food (as we always do) and swapping a few tips for decreasing inflammation…


Turmeric: it is not the absolute best tasting on it’s own, but it tastes really great in curry!


Curamin: I don’t usually like to rely on supplements, but this one is all natural and rather helpful when you are feeling particularly sore or dealing with an injury. Found in capsule form, Curamin contains 4 ingredients: BCM-95, Boswelia, the amino acid DLPA, and the enzyme Nattokinase. These combine to assist in the removal of pro-inflammatory compounds, maximize our body’s natural pain relieving endorphins, increase circulation, and help with muscle pain. Curamin is sometimes known as a “super-antioxidant”.


Celery juice: I always thought that celery was kind of a waste of space (no offense, celery), but it turns out it is a powerful anti-inflammatory! It also contains vitamins K, C, A, and B, which are all good for your skin. Add some to your next green juice or smoothie and drink that green goodness!



The inflammatory process is a key component to our immune system’s way of healing, but unfortunately, the symptoms of this process include swelling and pain. When the swelling and pain become too much, try turmeric, curamin and/or celery to decrease your inflammation and see how you feel!




Celery Benefits:

Curamin Fact Sheet:


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