Top 10 Reasons I like Sweatfest

Tomorrow is Sweatfest!!


Instead of just generically blabbing, “You should go to Sweatfest, it’s so fun. Blah Blah Blah,” I thought I would share all the reasons that I like Sweatfest. Then you’ll want to go anyway.

So, here are my top 10 reasons I like Sweatfest:

1.     There’s food.

2.     We donate all proceeds to charity. (This should probably be #1, but I ‘m ALWAYS hungry)

3.     There is a TON of energy when there are 50-100 people at a workout. The enthusiasm is contagious and everyone works extra hard. It’s a gazillion times more fun than working out alone.

4.     We have a DJ! Last Sweatfest unleashed some of my best dance moves.

5.     Sometimes you can also catch Vince and Jason dancing.

6.     All of the Sweat trainers are together…and unstoppable!

7.     I love seeing the reactions of first-time Sweaters when they realize that working out can be FUN!

8.     Have you been to Eling’s park on a warm Saturday morning? It’s glorious.

9.     Watching relationships build between Sweat members. It’s fun seeing people get closer as they work out together more and more. They start pushing each other and keep each other accountable.

10. There’s food. (Seriously, ALWAYS hungry…)


See you there!

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