Don't Call Me A Grownup

Adulting hasn’t always been a verb; it lived in the world of nouns until recently. I feel a little silly when I say it, but I prefer it to the ever looming “grown up”. Just this past weekend, due to my grandmother’s wisdom, I realized why. 

I remember several years ago telling my mom that while I acknowledge that I am an adult and I accept all corresponding responsibilities, she is not allowed to call me a grown up. She thinks it is pretty funny and plays along. It came up most recently at the dinner table during a visit home. While I was fumbling around trying to explain why I dislike the term so much my grandmother piped in, “because being a grown up sounds so final. It is a done deal. It implies that you’re done growing and if you’re done growing, you’re not really living. I don’t think I want to be a grown up either.” Is it any wonder why this woman is my soulmate?  

Since then, ‘adulting’ has made much more sense to me. Verbs are action words and I want to be a human in action. 

Catch ya on the flip side. 

Jessie HernandezComment