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Having just returned from an adventure to Roatan, Honduras, I thought it would be a good time to propose some healthy travel tips. I don’t know about anyone else, but I tend to get frustrated with the amount of sitting that is necessary for traveling. And with the general funkiness that I feel by the time I finally get somewhere. Some of these are from my personal experience and some of them I learned from my Grandmother. She’s a wise lady; I’m convinced she knows everything.


Double-check the time of your flight. Heck, triple check. Yes, this is common sense, but being that we almost missed one of our flights on the way down to Central America, I felt that it was a fair reminder. While you’re at it, double check that you have your passport, too.


Drink lots of water. Get a drink every time they offer during the flight. . AVOID alcohol. This will help decrease your jetlag.


When you get to your destination, spend some time in the sun if you can. This will help your body adjust to a new time zone and also decrease your jetlag.


Carry a toothbrush. Being able to brush your teeth and wash your face between flights can take you from feeling like a stinky-breath yeti and turn you into a crystal-fresh rock star.


  Avoid sitting while you wait in the airport. Go for a walk or even sprinkle in some squats and push-ups. On longer flights, get up and stretch in the back of the plane every couple of hours.

These simple things have made a big difference in my last several adventures. Give them a try! They may just help you avoid ending up like this...

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