Why Do Men Like Being Men?

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There’s not much of an introduction for me to give here. I suppose I should have first asked, “do you like being a man”, especially with the current conversations about gender identity, but this time I did not. I asked several super cool dudes “what is your favorite thing about being a man” and here is what they said:

(Small disclaimer: most answers are G-rated, but not all…)

Men 1 - Dad .jpeg

What is my favorite thing about being a man?

I guess I’ll have to start with the obvious- I don’t have to sit down to pee. I mean, I can if I want to, but I don’t have to. Which is very convenient in some situations.

I tried to think of some more serious and thoughtful things about being a man that could be my favorite thing, but most things are not just for men, especially in our family. For example, I’m not the sole breadwinner who goes to work each day to support the entire family (thank goodness!). We share and share alike with all the chores and housekeeping jobs, including the yard work. I guess I’m maybe not the stereotypical beer-swigging, chest scratching male who is the BOSS! In our family it is definitely a partnership with each of us adding our strengths to get the job done. Everything I thought of about being a man I also thought that a woman could do that too, except for the obvious stated above.

And being a dad, that’s pretty cool

So, what I finally came up with is being a dad, being able to pee standing up and not having to worry that my shoes don’t match my outfit.

3 days later…

Thought of another one. I get to use power tools. Not that women can’t, they just never seem to want to!

- Michael Hernandez, Musician, Teacher & Super Dad

Men 2 - Dan B..jpeg

Learning gun control and stick shifting at an early age. Still not a master, but I’m getting better at both.

… I meant to say chivalry – the English language made up a special word for guys being nice. Fancy.

- Dan Bellinger, Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player & Penguin

Men 3 - Austin P..jpg

These rotate depending on the day

1.     Sex

1.2 Masturbation

1.3 Eating like a man

1.4 Rocking out like a man

2.     Strength training and slamming stuff

3.     Grunting

4.     Easy to pee

5.     Keeping hair short

6.     Doing man stuff like hammering and sawing

7.     Break dancing

8.     Enjoying visiting boobs but not having to carry them around

9.     Being affectionate, loving, and giving to a woman. A real man speaks truth of that.

- Anonymous Man

Men 4 - Kiel .jpeg

I’d have to say that the social expectations associated with being a man, as opposed to being a woman, are way more lenient and permissive. Which is to say, women have a way harder time in this (and most) cultures when it comes to dealing with and reacting to social pressures. Being a man has its own set of difficulties and expectations, but those associated with being a woman are insanely and unfairly more oppressive and potentially detrimental.

Oh, and not having a menstrual cycle is pretty sweet.

3 weeks later….

The more I think about it, the only thing I can really choose is being able to stand up to pee. It’s so convenient in so many situations.

- Kiel Rucker, Photographer & Adventurer

Men 5 - Vince. .jpeg

Oh man. Probably other than the most obvious answer of being able to pee wherever I want, the fact that growing hair in most places is acceptable (legs, armpits, face, toes, etc) whereas with women, society frowns on it. This is my most G-rated answer.

- Vincent Rains, COO of Fitness 805 & Richard Simmons Impersonator

Men - Ben .jpg

Peeing standing up is pretty sweet. I don’t have to care about fashion. I don’t have to take a group of friends with me to go to the bathroom.

- Ben Hernandez, Scuba Instructor, World Wanderer & Bro Bean Supreme

Men 7 - Jason .jpeg

My favorite thing about being a man is that I don’t have to wear make- up, shave my pits or my legs, and I can pee standing up. Also, I love being able to rock a little facial hair and not have to spend a ton of time getting ready.

- Jason Baker, Owner of Fitness 805, Sweaty Trainer & All-Around Troublemaker

Men 8 - Grandpop .jpeg

For me being male has meant, and continues to mean, that I am able to share the mysteries and wonders of life with a beautiful woman and life partner.

- Judson Gears, Retired Pastor, Husband & Grandfather to Yours Truly


I thought that I wouldn’t have much to say on this topic, but surprise, surprise, I always have something to say! What was most interesting in this process was how reluctant most guys were to answer this question. Some declined answering all together, while the others took awhile to think of something. In fact, while I thought this was all in good fun, some were even mildly offended that I would presume that there are differences big enough to warrant favorite qualities of being male over female. The funny thing is, when I asked the women a while back, no one had any reservations or hesitations in answering. Very interesting...

 Thank you to the men who contributed and to those who declined, you were all very helpful and insightful in your own ways and I appreciate the new thoughts that you encouraged and invited.

Originally published November 30, 2015.

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