These Are My Legs

The human body is pretty stinkin' amazing, but often under-acknowledged and appreciated. In the spirit of body appreciation, I have written a silly and grateful poem to my legs.



These Are My Legs

Legs .jpeg

They carry me to places I’ve never seen before

They help get my tushy out the door.


A bit short, but strong

They hustle me along.


They hold me up,

No matter what.


Lunging, squatting, dropping like it’s hot

 I have sometimes wished they were something that they’re not.


But they’re full of muscle and sometimes grace,

They have never let me drop out of a race.


Legs that climb and adventure

Even on unsteady grounds they feel sure.


They dance, they twirl

Just perfect for this girl.


Thank you, legs.

Originally posted January 22, 2016.

Jessie HernandezComment