I Started Jumping in the Ocean Every Day and THIS Happened

Ok ok. I have a confession. I always see articles with titles like this and they suck me in every time. I always have to know WHAT HAPPENED???? But nothing has really happened...I go jump in the ocean, get all wet and sandy and then either lay out in the sun until I’m warm again or hurry home to a hot shower. 

There’s no epic story of a shark encounter or a new pet octopus that adopted me during a swim, but some pretty cool things are happening. The superficial first: my skin feels smooth and clear and my hair just feels fabulous. I have heard that saltwater is great for your skin and I’m inclined to think it’s true. 

It’s the not so superficial things that make it so great, though. I have never once jumped in without laughing at some point. Even when I’m by myself I find a huge smile comes out whether I’m excited to cool off or absolutely dreading the cold. Something about it always makes my mermaid soul happy. Sometimes I get friends who come with me. Sometimes we find funny seaweed to wear as scarfs and silly hats. Sometimes we laugh about having to do the ‘stingray shuffle’ and how we don’t want any creatures to nibble on our toes. Sometimes I’m there by myself and I look back at the beach and see a glorious sunset behind the palm trees lining the beach. Sometimes I decide to swim in a race that I'm not actually sure I can finish. Sometimes I forget to bring a swimsuit and have to jump in in whatever shorts and sports bra I’m wearing (ok, that’s actually at least half of the days, but I think that counts as doing laundry…right??). Sometimes I only go to the beach long enough to run down to the water, jump in, and book it back to the car. Sometimes that one dip turns into an entire day’s affair of becoming a little sand creature. 


No matter the details, it always has the same result: it makes me happy. 


Do you have something in your day that you do simply because it makes you happy? 

Originally posted September 6, 2016.

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