I Am a Hamburger

Towards the end of my senior year of high school we had an English project to make a bound compilation to highlight the best of our written works across our four years of high school. I recently found my book, and there is some pure gold in it. Two pieces in particular make me laugh every time I read them. The one I will share with you today is titled, “I Am a Hamburger”.


I Am A Hamburger

I am a hamburger. This at first seems odd because a hamburger usually is simply viewed as a tasty meal. But look closer at what a hamburger is made of, and surprisingly, it fits me quite nicely. The elements of a hamburger alone are nothing special, but when combined create a scrumptious feast.

Most Hamburgers have a bun. The bun keeps the whole item together and protects the precious insides from being exposed and harmed. I rely on my bun in uncomfortable situations where I wish to hide myself, and times when I keep my guard up so that I don’t get hurt, either physically or emotionally. When I have my bun, I keep everyone out and do not reveal my true self. Sometimes though, hamburgers can be made without a bun. Without a bun there is a danger of the condiments sliding off, so it is necessary to have a strong internal force to hold them together. Most of the time I consider myself bun-less. I am open to what life brings and to the people I meet along the way. I rely on what I hold inside of me to keep me from being harmed.

The core of the hamburger is the meat. It is the most important part of this recipe; without it there is no hamburger. My meat is my soul, the most essential part of my being. My soul is what keeps me going and doesn’t let me stop. The meat is also my will, my will to live, to thrive, and to succeed in everything I do. Before the meat is ever cooked, it is seasoned. I was also seasoned by the way my parents raised me. They taught me manners, morals, and values, among many other important life skills, such as how to get along with others, make decisions, and take care of myself. Without this seasoning, my meat would have been bland and tasteless.

Tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mustard are very important parts of the hamburger as they give it flavor and texture. They enhance the savory taste of the meat. My many interests give texture to my persona. Sports, music, and traveling give contrast and perspective to my daily life. My personality is my zest. I am not boring and bland, instead I am outgoing, smart, and have a sense of humor. I guess you could say I am bursting with flavor.

Pickles, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, but a hamburger is not the same without them. According to my critics, I can be sour, too. I have my faults, but they add a necessary dimension to my character. I try to be aware of them and try to minimize the effect they have on others.

Buns, meat, tomatoes, lettuce, condiments, and pickles, make a pretty tasty hamburger. The contrasting tastes complement each other and are anything but boring. In fact, it makes quite a scrumptious feast.

Flying Burger .jpeg

…So, there you have it. I am a hamburger! What are you?

Originally posted January 11, 2016.

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