Get Rich! Really Slowly...

After spending the entirety of my savings account to buy a car at the start of the summer, I shifted into a bit of a different mind set financially. Suddenly, I was seeing all the ways I could save money or make a few extra bucks. One of the first things I thought of was to save up all my glass and take it to the recycling center instead of just chucking it all in the Marborg bin. Genius, right?! Seemed like a super easy way to make a little spending money. 

So for the last three months I have had Trader Joe’s bags stashed next to my garbage can slowly filling up with miscellaneous glassware. Coconut oil jars, failed art projects, old juice jars that I was never going to get back to the Juice Ranch, a few dusty beer bottles from that one time I made my friends come watch me display my musical talents, you know the stuff. The pile was growing and was taking up a fair amount of space in my pint-sized palace. When my parents came to visit and my mom saw the booty she laughed and said I must be pretty desperate. But I was not discouraged. I knew it would be worth taking up the extra space when I got my big pay out. 

So, today was the day. I found the nearest recycling center, loaded up my loot, and scooted on over…

And what did I get for my months of diligent separating? A lesson in recycling and a whopping $0.60. 

Next Time:

Research first, then save…

Oooooiiiieeeeee talk about anticlimactic. Turns out only about 1/4 of the glass I had saved was CRV (those little letters matter!) eligible and the rest needed to be chucked in the bin after all. 

But it wasn’t a fruitless venture, in fact, that space is cleared and I’m sixty cents richer!

Originally posted September 9, 2017.

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