A Rant on Post-College Survival

I am hanging out in Stockton this weekend and as exciting as it is here, I have had a bit of free time. In this time I have been cruising around on my computer and stumbled upon a rather ridiculous little tid-bit that I wrote approximately three years ago, soon after graduating college.

Here it is:

The survival guide to life as we (think) we know it

  A rant on the post-college survival situation.

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First step: stock up on chocolate. You will need a lot of it. I find that semi sweet chocolate chips do the job quite nicely. I also find that the darker the chocolate, the less I need at a time. Just a thought.

People always tell you that life is hard. Even as a kid, I remember hearing, “life’s tough. Get over it.” Or my favorite, “Life’s tough, get a helmet.” But that doesn’t really do justice to how hard life actually is. Plus, I got a helmet, and life is still hard.

Side rant: ESPECIALLY post-college. Didn’t anyone think to tell us that college isn’t really…well, real? The time after college seems to be the only time when we are truly on our own (at least most of us). It is the time when you don’t have the mutual support of other students and do not yet have a spouse or children in your life. (Again, this may be a generalization…). You are left dangling all on your own to try to scrape together the pennies to pay rent, and utilities, and groceries, and insurance…why does everything cost money??? And to learn to chase what you love. But what if you love something that pays diddlysquat? What the heck do you do then? Where is that dumb Easy button that Staples always brags about?

Whatever, life is hard. Don’t be a baby. Accept it and move on.

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Why move on? Because, on the other side of things life is beautiful and amazing. Next time you feel overwhelmed, stop and smell the roses. No really, smell them. Roses smell really good. And sunsets really are powerful and peaceful and beautiful. All of these cliché things became clichés for a reason. The next time you are in a crowd catch someone committing an act of kindness. People are incredible. They take care of each other as much as they tear each other down. Start noticing the good things. I promise, the more you notice, the more you will see.

My mom tells me that I am smarter than she was at my age. I don’t know about that. If I am, it is doubtlessly because of how she and my dad raised me. I think that I have been fortunate to encounter incredible people with powerful messages at just the right times. And fortunate enough to have been brought up to be open minded enough to hear and listen to these messages. The universe works in mysteriously interesting ways. People are put in our paths for a reason, whether for our benefit or theirs, it doesn’t matter. Don’t turn people away. You never know what they might have to teach you. Embark on a journey to be the best person you can be and the right people will be put in your path to help you. Better believe it.

End rant.


It is always entertaining and reassuring to look back and see evidence of growth. So to all recent college grads...good luck! It's actually really fun out here!

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