Car Wash Connection

I went to a self-serve car wash the other day to vacuum my sandbox of a car and as I was unloading my endless stores of activities, a homeless man approached me. He was carrying a spray bottle of mysterious blue liquid and asked if he may wash my windows for “a few pennies”. I quickly agreed, told him that would be great. He set down his backpack, took off his sweatshirt and then used it to thoroughly clean all of my windows. I wished that I had a rag or a towel to give him to clean in place of his sweatshirt. When he finished, I gave him a handful of granola bars from the stash I keep in my car and a few dollars. He crossed himself, said, “God bless” and thanked me. I went on vacuuming, but noticed that he sat down to eat one of his bars right then and there. I finished my sand excavation and as I was loading my mountain of stuff back into my trunk, he approached me again.

“What do you think I should do with my life?”

Whoa man, that escalated quickly. I asked what he likes to do and he said that he loves to jump in the ocean and just be. My mermaid soul surely understands that. He went on to tell me a bunch of disjointed stories about his past and present, he apologized for bothering me, wished me a good day and moseyed on.

He didn’t bother me. He reminded me more than ever that all humans are more or less the same and are looking for the same thing: human connection and someone to listen and acknowledge them. What’s the first thing you want to do after a great day? Or a terrible day? I always want to tell someone. I couldn’t really change this man’s life or give him wise advice about what to do with his life, but I could listen and connect with him, just for a minute.

Originally posted April 4, 2016.

Jessie HernandezComment