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The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About

I was feeling rather uninspired when I sat down to write today. So of course, I turned to the book of face to waste a few minutes before I really got into it. The first thing I saw was this article that my brother posted.


It so perfectly explains something that really is never talked about it.

I often refer to my brother as The Wandering Child. He studied abroad in Italy as a junior in college for an entire year, and has not really stopped moving since then. We recently counted and he has been to 30 countries! A few of them we went to as kids, but most have been in the last 7-8 years. Behind his back (and to his face, don’t worry), we like to make guesses as to where he will one day settle and what it would take for some kind of 'settling' to happen.

Maybe it won’t happen. Maybe it doesn’t need to? Maybe he has been so many different places and experienced so many different adventures that just one place won’t hold enough to hold his attention. Or maybe some place extraordinary will and he just hasn’t found it yet. Or maybe some unexpected ordinary place. See how this can go on forever?

Following his example, I lived in Australia for 6 months my senior year of college and had trouble fitting back in when I returned. I don’t think anyone else could tell that I felt out of place, but I felt a constant restlessness (even more than usual) and fairly uninterested in the things that everyone around me were doing. So I went through the motions. I dated someone, went to classes, went out to bars with my friends, played soccer, etc., but I didn’t feel reconnected here for a good 6-8 months.

And that was after only one trip. It took a great deal of effort to reconnect and choose to be here. When you travel more than you stay, “home” is bound to feel boring and stagnant.

Do I have some deep, profound conclusion to this? Nope! This article just so nicely explained something that I hadn’t been able to sort out yet.

So happy traveling and cheers to wanderlust!

Ben in India Me in New Zealand

Ben in India Me in New Zealand

Originally posted September 2, 2015

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