How To Be Good In Bed

I don’t mean to brag, but I am really good in bed. And by that I mean that given the chance, I can easily sleep for 10, 11, or even 12 hours. (Sorry Dad, hope I didn’t give you a heart attack). Very rarely do I have trouble sleeping, and when I do there are a few very simple things that I can do to get back in the sleeping game. Most of them you have probably heard before, but in case you need a reminder, here they are:

Complete Darkness

This includes those little bright lights on the cable box or your computer. If I leave my computer on it has to be where I can’t see it or I cover the little light on the front. If I am sleeping in a place where I can’t control the darkness, I use one of those dorky little eye masks.

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It’s hard to sleep when it’s hot! If you live in Santa Barbara where it has been a bazillion degrees with 300% humidity, this is a very relevant issue. I have been battling this with the combination of strategic fan placement and ice packs. I wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it right in the middle of my chest. This helps lower my body temperature until I fall asleep. It also feels good on the feet, if your feet get hot. The towel is important, don’t leave the ice packs directly on your skin.

Activity Level

Plain and simple, if I don’t move enough during the day I don’t sleep well. Surprise, surprise, exercise matters!

yep, that’s me.

yep, that’s me.

What you do in your personal time is, well, personal. But staying in the G-rated world, what you do right before you go to sleep is, in my humble opinion, the most important sleep factor! For me, it is a simple game called ‘empty my brain’.

I avoid anything that will jump start my thinker. For me, this means avoiding email and electronics, especially.  I finish anything that absolutely must be done in that day and write down anything that is left, but is not as urgent. Sticky notes are a busy mind's best friend. Somehow those things are always still there the next day.

Engage only in relaxing activities for at least 20-30 minutes before getting into bed. For me, this is anything along the lines of coloring, reading, or foam rolling while I watch TV. And no matter what else I do, I almost always read just before I fall asleep. If you are looking for some sleepy material, I highly recommend reading Far From The Madding Crowd…it will have you asleep in seconds!!

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Soft music without any lyrics also helps me turn off my brain. Doesn't work for everyone, but it can be worth a try if your brain still feels too busy.

My favorite sleepy-time music

My favorite sleepy-time music

Like I said, you probably know most of these things, but they are worthy of a little reminder. The electronics one is huge; if you change just one thing, try avoiding any devices right before you sleep.

Sleep on, sleepers!

Originally posted September 18, 2015.

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