Baby Got Bands

Here is a mini workout using only mini bands. I usually use these 4 exercises as a warm up to keep the hips happy and healthy.

First things first: place the band around both legs, just below your knees. If you want a slightly easier option, wear the band just above your knees. If you want a slightly more difficult version, wear the band around your ankles.

Side Steps

Pretend I look happy in this photo, I promise I was having a good time.

Pretend I look happy in this photo, I promise I was having a good time.

Keep your belly firm, your chest up, and step side-to-side 20-30 times. Keep your toes slightly turned in, your upper body as steady as possible and use your hips to drive the movement.

Monster Walks

Same set up, same stance, but this time you are walking 10-20 steps forward and then 10-20 steps backwards. Again, keep your upper body stable and drive the movement from your hips.

Glute Bridges

Baby Bands 3 .jpeg

I used to think it was endlessly funny to call these 'Sky Humpers' in high school. Oh, how I have matured...

No matter your level of difficulty, band should be place just below your knees for this one. Dig your heels into the ground, squeeze your glutes, lift your hips and hump that sky!

Do 20 at a time.


Baby Bands 4 .jpeg

Imagine you are on the bottom of the ocean, lay on your side, keep your feet together and open your knees like a clam. If you place your hand on your hip, you should feel the muscle under your thumb doing most of the work.

Do 15 each side, then repeat both the Glute Bridges and the Clamshells.

As we all know, the hips don't lie... so keep 'em healthy!

Enjoy !

Originally posted October 28, 2015.

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