Delicious Delicata Recipe

Roasted delicata squash stuffed  with maitake mushrooms and vegetables, topped with toasted delicata seeds...sounds tasty, right??

Thank you to Lauren for sharing!

Delicious Delicata Recipe .jpeg

1. Remove seeds and sprinkle squash with seasonings. I used a Harissamixture. Roast squash, cut- side down, on foil-lined and oil-sprayed cookie sheet about 20 minutes in 350 to 400 oven, until just tender.

2. In the meantime cut with a very small dice (or use a chop and press device) vegetables: celery, carrots, mushroom, peppers, onion, garlic, herbs - whatever you like or have. Season and saute until tender.

3. At this point you can add cheese, ground (or chopped up) cooked chicken, meat, cheese, grain, beans etc.. Stuff the cooked squash halves and bake until yummy looking, about 15 to 25 minutes in 350 to 400 oven. You could top with cheese the last few minutes. I skipped Step 3 altogether so coincidentally, it was vegan and lactose-gluten free!


Simple, nutritious, and every recipe should be! Perfect for a relaxing weekend evening at home. (HINT HINT, DAD!!) 

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