Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Woman

I used to be more than a bit of a tomboy. I would get so unbelievably self- conscious if I were accused of doing anything feminine or “girly”. I distinctly remember being in 7th grade and all dressed up in a bright pink dress with my hair neatly straightened and make up on for a musical that we were performing. Side note: It was in 7th grade that I decided not to wear long pants for an entire school year, so I wore soccer shorts every single day. Even when it was freezing cold in the morning I would wear 3 sweatshirts rather than don a pair of pants.With that image in your head, imagine how mortified I was when I walked into my classroom all done up and pretty and one of my best (super girly) girlfriends at the time exclaimed, “Whoa, you look like a girl!!!!!!” 

… Nearly died.

Fortunately, I have grown out of my tomboy phase and learned that there are so many FUN things about being a woman. The things is, I have noticed that we females, myself at the top of the list, love to complain about the things that suck about being female. (Ahem, periods!!) I was sitting down to read Women’s Health magazine the other morning and thinking about how I find it such a fun, feminine indulgence to sit down and read a magazine while I drink my coffee.  Then I started thinking about all the other reasons I love being a woman and wondered what other women love about it. What if instead of lamenting over the painful parts we celebrate the awesome things? So, this is not meant to be a battle of the sexes, but merely a reflection and celebration of our favorite reasons to be women!

I have spent the last 5 days asking women the same question: what is your favorite thing about being a woman? Let’s see what they said…

“The amount of freedom and diversity we have in our style. Guys’ fashion is starting to get more variety, but only recently. I feel like girls get to have more fun with it.”

 – Brittany Avila, Event Planner & Fashionista

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“Honestly, it sounds cheesy, but being a mom. Pregnancy is amazing and I feel so fortunate that I could grow a baby inside of me!”

– Kayla Johnson, Trainer & Owner of Sweat Outdoors

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“High heels and woman power. ”

- Stacy Nomura, Manicurist & Owner of Miso Hungry

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“Being a mother. It’s a lot of responsibility, but also kind of an honor to have an impact on a little person’s life. It’s the ultimate job for humanity.”

 - Jill Green, Super Mom

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“I like playing sports and doing things that people don’t necessarily associate with being a woman.”

– Burgundy Tyrrel, Internal Medicine Physician   

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Woman lydia .jpeg

“At first I wanted to say my lady lumps, but I would still be a woman without those. I think learning about my female nature and uncovering the things that my society tells me make me weak as a woman and figuring out how to turn those into strengths.”

- Lydia Tonozzi, Philosopher, Nanny, and Toy whiz

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“Being a mom and a grandmother. That your baby has a baby is the best part of being a woman.”

– Jan Taylor, My Favorite Kindergarten Teacher

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Woman jessica.jpeg

“I love that I can be fierce, flirty, sexy, and sad…and it’s all ok. I can also justify spending money on clothes and accessories and things just to look good. Oh, and dancing!! ”

– Dr. Jessica Higgins Peterson, Psychologist

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“Being a mom. Seriously, as miserable as I felt being pregnant, it still is amazingly cool. Feeling the baby move is unlike anything else. Dad didn’t get to do that.”

– Debbie Hernandez, Teacher and Mother to two perfect little angels

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“My favorite thing about being a woman is the deep connection and empathy that is shared between women. There is an unspoken truth that we all share that connects and deepens our relations to one another. “

- Melissa Costello, Chef  and Founder of Karma Chow

“Surprising people with what I am capable of – both mentally and physically. Also, my vagina, those things are powerful, too. “

– Tori Lawhun, Personal Trainer & Special Education Teacher Aide

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Woman emma.jpeg

“For me, it’s having the special feminine bond between my sisters and close girlfriends. Being able to trust each other and express our feelings and always knowing the support is there. I think it’s extra special for me having grown up surrounded by an enormous amount of female energy. I’ve always been given so much encouragement to chase my dreams and pursue my passion and have always felt so empowered.”

- Emma Patrick, Personal Trainer & Dream Chaser

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Woman grandmom.jpg

“Without question, being a mom! A long time ago people asked what I want to put on my tombstone, I said, “just Mom”. It was challenging in so many ways, but it is definitely rewarding and I think that I’ve done it well. I wouldn’t be able to say that if I was a male.

- Betty Gears, Just Mom & Just Grandmom


I am not a mother, so I cannot relate to that sentiment yet, but the rest hold a lot of truth for me. Even the high heels! I usually don’t wear them, but I do love having the option.

I thought for the longest time that “being emotional” was a bad thing. Now I love that I am an emotional creature with the ability to use my emotion for good and to be sought out for compassion and emotional support from both men and women.

As far as fashion and pampering, for me it’s not necessarily the actual clothes or getting my nails done, it‘s the connection and the conversations that we have while doing it. The female-to-female connection is powerful and often amazing. These pampering activities are mostly excuses to connect and hang out. Although, it does also feel good to pamper.

As a woman, I feel like I have endless options. I can be strong, powerful, loud, quiet, soft, gentle, compassionate, open, independent, connected, athletic, artsy, crafty, intellectual, inquisitive…ANYTHING!


Oh, and I’m always right ;)


Originally published August 5, 2015. 

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