Productive Doubt

I received two responses to last week's No Room For Doubt that are too good not to share. 

The first is from a long-time friend, teacher, and snack provider.

"Food for thought. To doubt is to question, to question is to wonder why, to wonder why is curiosity, to be curious is to seek out answers. Answers are the cure to doubt and the process of seeking is how we grow."

- Larry White


The second is from a soccer extraordinaire, history whiz, and overall righteous dude.

"To doubt is the very foundation of progress.  Without doubt, you have people still believing that the earth is the center of the universe, that the Jews should be exterminated, that you are struck with disease because you are a bad person.  To doubt is the essence of science and discovery.  To doubt is to question your longstanding beliefs or current reality.  Without this, you are a mindless robot accepting everything.

I think you meant that you should follow your dreams, to stick to your goals and not allow doubt to creep into and destroy those."

-Kevin Shertzer

Kevin hit the nail right on the head: my rejection of doubt is for the purpose of following and pursuing dreams. 

In chasing something that you love, doubt can be crippling. In other realms, doubt is necessary for growth. It is up to us to know when to doubt, question, and explore and when to ignore doubts and chase something whole-heartedly. 

Thank you, Kevin & Larry! I always appreciate your insight and thoughts.   

Jessie HernandezComment