Home Remedies Part I

There are three home remedies that I use most often: honey face wash, honey and cinnamon spot cream, and fresh ginger teas.

Honey face wash is literally just honey from the bottle, smeared all over my face. I take about a nickel size amount from the same bottle that I use for my tea (it’s very easy to have a separate bottle if that grosses you out) and spread it all over my face. Then I just rinse with water and dry my face. Honey is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and a natural moisturizer.

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Add cinnamon to the honey and you get a great pimple – remover. I mix a bit of both on my fingers until it makes a paste and use it to cover any unsightly pimples or blemishes. Leave it on for the whole night and all but the pimpliest of pimples will be gone. I should warn you, unless you sleep perfectly still and on your back, this mixture is likely to get on your pillows and possibly your sheets/blankets while you sleep. I would suggest covering your pillow with a towel or using old bedding, because sometimes it is very difficult to wash out.

Now the teas!

The tea that I usually make is with freshly cut up ginger, freshly squeezed lemon, a bit of cayenne pepper, and a dab of honey. When I am in the mood for a sweeter tea, I leave out the cayenne pepper. This tea is especially nice if you have any stomach discomfort.

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The other night I had a sore throat, so I added freshly chopped garlic to that mixture. It tasted pretty gross, but my throat greatly improved  after drinking it, so I would say it’s worth it!


Originally posted July 10, 2015

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